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Homily Care Agency believes that our clients are the center of our work.  Everything we do is based and centered on the best care possible for those who entrusted us with their well-being and comfort at home. We put relationships first to help our client find their physical and emotional strength. Our goal is to protect the dignity of those receiving care and enhance their quality of life.

We provide reliable home care services to help keep your beloved safe and independent wherever they call home. We invite you to learn more about our many services.

Our Registered Nurse Team

The Nurses are the center of the home health medical team. A nurse manager will be assigned to you for your care. They will coordinate the plan of care that your doctor has approved of and Homily care will get you the best care possible and ensure your goals are met.


Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapist will help you return to your prior level of function following an illness or injury and  help you adapt to new ways of moving. Your Physical Therapist will help empower you to prevent ongoing loss of independence by developing a program to keep you active in your own home.


Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist help you regain the ability to perform your activity of daily living like grooming, eating…etc. all those activities to remain independent in your home. They will teach you how to adapt and change your movements so you can function more efficiently and educate you how to care for yourself and safely transfer, increase endurance.


Speech Therapy

Our Speech pathologist assesses, diagnoses and treats speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy is often necessary for clients diagnosed with dementia or those recovering from a stroke, and or head injuries.


Home Health Aides/CNA

Our Home Health Aides/CNA are the key link between you and Homily. They are here to Help clients with personal activities of daily living and provide basic routine care. Our aides will bring a caring spirit to help with personal care and grooming needs. Our Home Health Aides provide housekeeping, laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping, meal preparation, accompaniment to medical, religious appointments…etc. also help with artificial limbs or walking aids. Our staffs have good communication with our team of nurses about concerns and changes in client’s status.


Psychiatric Nursing

Behavioral issues or psychiatric illness may exist along with physical illness that may require expertise in both conditions. Our clinicians are skilled at recognizing the signs of depression/psychiatric illness and will incorporate that into the plan of care in collaboration with your doctor, we will treat you “holistically”.


Medical Social Worker

Our Social worker will help identify limitations, and issues that might delay recovery. They will educate you on how to find resources and support for long term planning, health care directive, financial assistance, transportation information.


Personal Care

Our professional caregivers are available 24 hours a day seven days a week; we will customize your care according to your specific needs.Call us today! We want your burdens to become ours, so you do not have to worry about your loved one being alone.


Home Makers

Our Home Maker Staff work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. They will help your beloved in for aspects of taking care of the home.


Companions Care

 Everyone enjoys living in a clean home, but daily household activities and chores become a challenge for elderly individuals.With a greater sense of confidence and security, Homily Care Agency offers services that help your loved one with routine household tasks and related activities to enable them to remain in a safe clean, without leaving the comfort of home.


We are highly flexible,please contact us.

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