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Physical Therapy (PT)

The process of recovering from an injury or surgery can sometimes mean learning how to complete daily tasks again. At Homily Care Agency, Our Physical Therapist will help empower you to prevent ongoing loss of independence by developing a program to keep you active in your own home.  Whether the individual’s problem is a result of injury or disease, the physical therapist will treat your beloved to relieve pain, develop or restore function, and maintain maximum performance.

Physical therapists also work with individuals to improve mobility, work on balance to prevent slip or fall, rehabilitate after a stroke, accident by creating oriented programs that promote active lifestyles. If needed they will help them use devices such as a walker, a cane and or a wheelchair.

Activities we may be able to help you with include:

  1. Use assistive devices
  2. Orthopedic injuries or surgery
  3. Stroke or neurological diseases and injuries
  4. Increase strength and activity tolerance for better mobility
  5. People who fall or are at risk for falls
  6. Conserve energy during movements
  7. Suffer from joint or back pain
  8. Learn to safely walk around your home, preventing falls
  9. Any noticeable decline in function

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