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Medical social worker

Medical social workers start by assessing the patient psychosocial problems. They work in areas of care management and assists patients and families in needs.In addition, the Medical social worker’s duties include handling of complicated cases involving patients with financial problems, lack of health insurance coverage, etc. of health insurance coverage, substance abuse problems, prolonged unemployment.


  • Bachelor’s degree in social work rom an authorized and approved program of study
  • A clear and concise understanding of the psychosocial issues relating to health and illness
  • Coordinating healthcare services
  • Understanding various medical conditions and terminology
  • Evaluating the mental, emotional and physical status of patients
  • Deep knowledge of care planning and discharge planning procedures
  • Providing bereavement counseling services to families



    • Provide patient education on treatment options
    • Acts as an intermediary between patients and the medical community
    • Help coordinate services needed after discharge, such as medical equipment.
    • Assess patient needs,
    • Assist in the development of treatment plans
    • Provide emotional and mental assessments on the patient.
    • Educate and Counsel Families.

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